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Adventure with The Famous Five and the BBC

The Famous Five Book "Five on a secret trail" by Enid Blyton
The Famous Five

The Famous Five: A Legacy Beyond Our Time

While "The Famous Five" by Enid Blyton predates our own experiences at Doggy Desserts, its legacy in children's literature is undeniable. Although none of us in the bakery grew up with these stories, we quickly recognised the cultural significance of this classic series. The Famous Five's adventures, a blend of mystery and camaraderie, have captivated children and adults alike for decades. As we embarked on this project, we delved into the world of these timeless characters, appreciating their impact on generations of readers.

A Surprise Email: Shock, Excitement, and Brainstorming

The moment we received the email from Phoebe at Moonage Pictures, the bakery was abuzz with a mix of shock and excitement. It was a completely unexpected opportunity, and instantly became the talk of the day. We gathered around, discussing whether we could take on such a unique task. It was uncharted territory for us, having never embarked on a project for a television series before. The air was electric with ideas bouncing back and forth as we considered our response. This was more than just an order; it was a chance to step into a new realm of creativity and challenge ourselves like never before.

Crafting the Edibles: Digestive Biscuits, Victoria Sponges, and Shortbread

The real adventure began when we accepted the challenge to create dog-friendly versions of classic human treats. Our first task was to replicate digestive biscuits. Getting the size and colour right was crucial. We experimented, baked a sample, and sent it to Phoebe and her team. The response was beyond our expectations – they were amazed! An order for 50 pieces followed, destined for the TV set.

A digestive biscuit made for dogs
Doggy Desserts take on the classic Digestive Biscuit

Next, we tackled a three-layer Victoria sponge cake with our special dog-safe icing. This required a thicker consistency to create appealing swirls and incorporate strawberry decorations. A mini version was first sent for approval – ensuring it was both delectable for Kip (who plays Timmy the dog) and camera-friendly. The design team's reaction was a resounding "WOW." We were tasked with making three of these cakes in their larger sizes.

A small victoria sponge cake safe for dogs
Mini Victoria Sponge for approval

Transporting these creations was critical. While we trust our courier service, the design team personally travelled to our bakery to ensure the cakes were in perfect condition for filming and for Kip’s enjoyment.

The final challenge was crafting shortbread. This required a different flour and a unique baking process to achieve the desired look. It was a bit of a challenge, but the end result was perfect – delicious for Kip and visually stunning for the camera.

The Bakery Buzz: Excitement, Dedication, and Late Nights

The atmosphere in the bakery during this project was electric. Amidst the excitement, we were committed to fulfilling our daily tasks for our regular customers. This meant quite a few late nights of experimenting, researching, and baking.

Our team's dynamic was a blend of enthusiasm and focus. We knew that sizes and appearances of the treats were crucial for their on-screen debut. Despite a few initial setbacks, our collective dedication paid off. The moments of trial and error brought us closer as a team, each 'fail' pushing us towards perfecting the final products. It was a testament to our team's passion and commitment to excellence.

A Collaboration to Cherish: Pride and Future Prospects

The thrill of receiving that initial email from Moonage Pictures, a renowned production company, was unparalleled. It made us pause and wonder – out of the many dog bakeries they could have chosen, they picked us. This choice filled us with immense pride.

Our collaboration with them was more than just a business transaction; it was a partnership built on trust and mutual admiration for each other's work. The thought that the design team selected Doggy Desserts for such a significant role in their production was not only a huge compliment but also a testament to the quality and reputation we have built over the years.

This experience has opened doors to potential future collaborations. The excitement at the possibility of working with the BBC or other production teams again is something that keeps us motivated and looking forward to what the future may hold.

A Kept Secret: The Anticipation of Revelation

Interestingly, this entire project with Moonage Pictures and the BBC has been a well-kept secret at Doggy Desserts. Since the TV series is ongoing and future episodes are yet to be announced, we have maintained a veil of secrecy. The first episode has aired, but much of our involvement is still under wraps, waiting to be revealed to our customers and followers.

This secrecy adds an element of anticipation and excitement, not just for our team, but also for what it means for our business once we can fully share our story. It's a moment we're eagerly looking forward to – when we can unveil our creative journey with the “Famous Five” series and the impact it's had on Doggy Desserts. We believe this revelation will not only bring a new level of recognition to our bakery but also inspire us to explore further innovative and unique projects.

Group of children from the famous five tv series
The Famous Five

Beyond Business: The Joy of Building Customer Relationships

Our journey with Phoebe, a long-term customer, exemplifies the unique relationships we've built at Doggy Desserts. She has been spoiling her dog, Peanut, with our products for years. It's fascinating how connections form in business – often, all we know about our customers initially is their name, address, and their dog's name. We rarely get a glimpse into their professional lives or how they might impact our business in profound ways.

Working with Phoebe, especially given her connection to this BBC project, has been a delightful experience. It underscores the importance of every customer relationship we build. Each order is not just a transaction; it's a potential new chapter, a new story in the making. This experience has only deepened our appreciation for our community of customers – they are the heart of Doggy Desserts.

The Premiere: A Moment of Collective Pride

A woman holding a biscuit
The Digestive biscuit in The Famous Five

The airing of the first episode on December 9th was a momentous occasion for us at Doggy Desserts. Many of us were at home when a text message popped up in our group chat from one of our team members, asking, "Is this one of our products?" It was a thrilling moment, recognising our creation on screen. We were giddy with excitement, our smiles stretching from ear to ear.

This recognition, albeit brief, in a TV series was a validation of our hard work and creativity. It felt like a collective achievement, a testament to the dedication and passion that we pour into every product we make. It was more than just seeing our treat on television; it was a symbol of our journey, our growth, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Video Copyright Notice: The snippet of video included in this blog post is copyright to the BBC. To watch the full episode of "The Famous Five," please visit BBC iPlayer.

Looking Forward: Aspirations and Hopes for the Future

Our collaboration with Moonage Pictures and the BBC was a journey we thoroughly enjoyed and will always cherish. It opened our eyes to new possibilities and the excitement of working on unique projects. Despite the moments of stress, the thrill of being part of something so special was incredibly rewarding.

We are hopeful and excited about the potential of working with similar companies in the future. This experience has not only boosted our confidence in taking on new challenges but has also ignited a spark for further creative adventures.

As we move forward, we carry with us the lessons, the joy, and the inspiration from this project. It’s a reminder that at Doggy Desserts, we’re not just baking treats; we're crafting experiences, creating memories, and exploring new horizons.

Stay tuned for more adventures and tales from Doggy Desserts. The journey continues!


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