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Bonfire Night Safety: How to Keep Your Dog Calm and Secure During Fireworks


Bonfire Night is an annual event that many look forward to for its vibrant fireworks displays and communal bonfires. However, the flashes and bangs that delight us can often distress our canine companions. It’s important to remember that dogs perceive the world differently, and what’s fun for us can be frightening for them. This in-depth guide aims to provide you with comprehensive tips on how to keep your dog safe and calm during the Bonfire Night festivities.

a dog looking out of the window at fireworks
A worried dog during fireworks; a sight no pet owner wants to see.

The Importance of Preparation

Tip 1: Create a Safe Space

Days before Bonfire Night, designate a 'safe space' for your pet. This should be a quiet room away from the main activities, equipped with all the essentials your dog may need.

Soft Bedding: Comfortable blankets and pillows.

Familiar Scents: A piece of your clothing or their favourite toy

Dim Lighting: Soft lights to mitigate the flashes from fireworks

2 dogs laying in their bed sleeping
Create a serene environment to help your dog feel secure.

On the Night Itself

Tip 2: Stick to Routine

Routine helps to maintain a sense of order and security for dogs. Disrupting it can make them more susceptible to stress.

Feeding Time: Stick to the regular schedule.

Walks: Take a long walk earlier in the day to tire them out.

Tip 3: Use Distraction Techniques

Distracting your pet can work wonders in reducing their stress levels.

a dog wearing headphones listening to music
Tune in to Classic FM’s special programmes for a stress-free firework season.

Classic FM Special Programmes: Join Classic FM for two special programmes designed to calm your pet, from 5pm to 9pm on Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November. This is particularly useful when the firework season is at its peak.

Other Music/TV: If you miss the Classic FM programmes, calming music or a TV programme can also help mask the noise from outside.

Toys and Treats: Keep your dog engaged with toys or occasional treats.

Tip 4: Keep Them Indoors

For maximum safety, keep your dogs indoors during the hours when fireworks are most likely to occur.

Short Lead: If you must go outside, keep your dog on a short lead.

Identification: Make sure your dog has proper identification in case they manage to escape.

What to Avoid

Tip 5: Don't Punish or Coddle

It’s essential to maintain a balance between not reinforcing the fear and not punishing your dog for feeling scared.

Neutral Behaviour: Act normal to show them that there’s nothing to fear.

Tip 6: Fireworks Displays Are a No-Go

Taking your dog to a fireworks display is a recipe for disaster. Keep them safely at home.

A dog at the vets
In extreme cases, consult your vet for professional advice

Seek Professional Advice

If your dog has extreme reactions to loud noises, a consultation with a vet may be necessary. Medications or therapies like desensitisation might be recommended.


While Bonfire Night is a time of celebration for many, it's important to remember the safety and well-being of our furry friends. With proper planning and execution of the above tips, you can help ensure that both you and your pet have an enjoyable and stress-free Bonfire Night.

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