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When using the space provided, please put the delivery date and NOT your doggy's birthday date.

Pink and White Mice Dog Chocolate

Pink And White Mice


Take a trip down memory lane with your furry friend and indulge in our Pink and White Mice! Remember those childhood days of filling up your 10p mix bag with your favourite sweets, including those adorable little chocolate mice?


Well, now you can share those nostalgic moments with your pup in a dog-safe way.

Our Pink and White Mice are made with dog-safe chocolate, so you can treat your furry friend to a delicious snack without any worries. And the best part? The pink ones have a delicious strawberry flavour that your dog is sure to love.


Just remember, these Pink and White Mice are not for human consumption. They are exclusively made for your furry friend to enjoy. So, why not relive those sweet childhood memories with your pup and order our Pink and White Mice today? Your furry friend will love you even more for it!



Pink and White Mice Dog Chocolate

  • FEEDING GUIDE- 1-2 drops per day

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