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Our tails are WAGGING to see all of the tasty treats that you make for your pooch over the coming weeks!⁠
To start things off, it's Pancake Week, and we can't flippin' wait to see all of your creations!⁠

– 2 Ripe Bananas
– 2 Eggs
– A squirt of Honey
 – Coconut Oil or Rapeseed Oil for frying.

1. Mash bananas up in a bowl with a fork⁠
2. Add 2 eggs until mixture is runny (don’t worry about lumps)⁠
3. Add a squirt of honey to taste and mix it all together⁠
4. Get your pan ready and set it to medium heat⁠
5. Grease your pan with coconut oil or rapeseed oil⁠
6. Grease cookie cutters and pour some of the mixture into the cookie cutters (if you don’t have any cookie cutters you can make some mini traditional shape pancakes instead)⁠
7. Once one side is done, flip them over, if you’re using the cookie cutters, Be Careful!! They will get hot!⁠
8. Once they are ready, transfer them to a plate and leave them to cool⁠
9. Top them off with some sweet or savoury mouth-watering toppings for your dog to drool over⁠

To be in with a chance of winning Star Barker, upload a photo of your bake to our Facebook Group, or tag us via Instagram @dogfuriendly, @burnspet and @doggydesserts #greatdoggybakeoff⁠.